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 The Forum Rules.

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PostSubject: The Forum Rules.   Sun May 03, 2009 6:33 am

Here are the Rules

No cussing: If you cuss we will give you 4 warnings, the 5th you get banned for so much time depending on the offence.

No bumping: If you bump after 10 days you get a warning and after 5 warnings you get banned,and you will be banned however bad the rule break is.

No spam: Spam will NOT be tolerated exept for in the spam area, and you will be given a unofficial warning, then for the 2nd spam, a real warning.

No obscene content: No sex, nudity, porn, etc... or you will be banned for 5 days, the 2nd time 10 days, the 3d time 30 days, 4th time forever.

Flaming: This is insulting any other member in any way whatsoever. And immediate ban will be issued for this. Although, if it is apparent that you are only kidding about the "insult", you will be fine, depending on how bad it is.

Sk8ter: Fixed any spelling and grammar errors Wink
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The Forum Rules.
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